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Business Contracts I Contract Lawyer Toronto

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Business Contracts I Contract Lawyer Toronto

Contracts Lawyer Toronto

Business and commercial contracts are legally binding agreements that require thorough reviews by lawyers in order to prevent loopholes from negatively affecting your interests, verify validity issues and ensure that non-negotiable points that are in your favor are properly reflected in writing.

To make your wishes properly protected by the Law, there are several important considerations. An expert lawyer will research valid ways to protect your interests, remove non-enforceable clauses and negotiate points that may be compromised by the Law.

When looking for a contract lawyer to represent you during contract negotiations or for contract review in Toronto, choose a lawyer that has years of experience in Contracts.

Rana Charif is an Ontario-licensed business contract lawyer in Toronto with extensive expertise in all areas of business and commercial contracts. She has worked on multimillion dollar contracts for a multi-billion dollar company as well as other multimillion dollar startup companies. Rana will help you understand the key issues related to drafting, negotiating and executing business agreements and contracts of all kinds in the Greater Toronto Area.

Important factors when choosing a business contract lawyer in Toronto

You need a licensed contract lawyer in Ontario who is very detail-oriented. In contracts, every word, comma and period count. It is very easy to misinterpret intentions down the road and for a party to fabricate a story as to the intention and meaning behind clauses after the contract is signed. By then, the damage would have been already done and you would be looking at thousands of dollars to get you out of litigation troubles.

You want a contract lawyer who will foresee these issues and fix them by, first, being extremely detail-oriented and paying attention to every letter and punctuation in your contract. That is where, I, Rana Charif, a licensed lawyer in Toronto, Ontario, come in. For more information on my background and legal experience, see Rana’s Story.

Unlike most law firms that delegate the drafting of your contract to non-lawyers and clerks without necessarily advising beforehand, I take care of your contract from A to Z as a licensed lawyer and pay attention to every legal detail, every word and legal implication, for the same price, if not less expensive than other firms.

When you pay for a lawyer, you deserve the quality and full attention of the lawyer to every aspect of your legal work. That is the value of our law firm. For more information, see Our Uniqueness & What We Do Differently.


Drafting Contracts

I will draft the right contract for your business to protect your interests. I will guide you through loopholes, red flags and ensure that all intentions are clear. A meeting of the minds and protecting your interests will be my primary concern. I will ensure that you avoid litigation in the future. I will customize contracts for your business or personal interests and ensure that they meet your particular and unique needs.

Signing Contracts

Before signing any contract, consult with a licensed contract lawyer in Toronto so that you understand all clauses in your contract, what you’re signing up for, and the risks and liabilities involved. It is important to consult an expert contract lawyer to become aware of the long-term and short term consequences of contracts before agreeing to them and signing them -as you have a chance to change them.

Rana Charif, a licensed contract lawyer in Toronto with a success record in negotiation, will help you skillfully and peacefully negotiate what you would like to change in your favor, and find a way to protect your interests peacefully, while remaining in agreement with the other party. I will advise you on the best course of action to ensure that your concerns are addressed before signing.

There are many ways to achieve that.

Hiring a contract lawyer does not entail “fighting”, it is rather delegating the legal negotiations to help you and the other party come together peacefully in order to achieve a common goal on the long term or short term. That is achievable all while making sure that you are safe. And that is what Rana achieves.

Knowing your duties and obligations is a core element of planning the future and agreeing to any deal. I will make sure to put your interests first and to help you understand any issues relating to liability in relation to contracts.

Contract Legal Advice in Toronto

We help you with a wide variety of business contracts, including:

  • Franchise agreements
  • Confidential, Non-compete and Non-disclosure agreements customized to your specific case and region
  • Sale agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Joint-venture agreements
  • Trademark and licensing contracts
  • employment contracts and offers of employment (see our page for employment law services here: Employment Lawyer Toronto Services)
  • And more!

Email law@ranacharif.ca for any other agreement or call +1 (438) 350 4236). You may also reach me on Whatsapp on the same number.

Get any commercial or business agreement drafted quickly and efficiently now. 

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