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Startup Visa Program I Immigration Lawyer Toronto

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Startup Visa Program I Immigration Lawyer Toronto

Do you have a business idea that could be revolutionary, innovative and grow on a global scale, starting from Canada?

This program is right for you.
It is not an easy path, but when your project deserves it, it is worthwhile. One of the main benefits of such a program, the former being highly sought, is permanent residence should you succeed with the Startup Visa.

From my work experience, the last thing you want is to hand your file to those who do not pay attention to details, to lawyers who sign on the contents of your VISA application without reviewing it thoroughly first, and most importantly and unfortunately most detrimentally, I advise not to hand your file to those who cannot represent your idea as merited, in writing and linguistically speaking.
This is a costly VISA, and it is to be done right from the outset.
With me, you are in good hands. Nothing beats quality and smart representation in my book. We are pitching your idea to the Government, just as you are pitching it to your investors, customers and more…

You want successful pitchers. That applies to the representatives of your immigration file.

I want Rana to Represent my File

November 11, 2020



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