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What I do differently

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I do not delegate any of your legal work to a law clerk or paralegal, which is extremely common in most firms. The stakes are high and you deserve the full attention of a licensed lawyer.

I do not believe in nor do I condone delegating your precious and expensive legal work to non-qualified, inexperienced and non-accredited employees. I work with a standard of excellence, as evidenced by my educational path, training and work experience.

When you pay a high price for a lawyer’s advice and excellent work, you earn the attention, qualifications and the quality behind the credentials of said lawyer. You deserve the lawyer’s full attention to your case, as well as excellent persuasive writing and communication skills.

Those are my business values, and I implement them strictly.

With me, you actually get the quality and attention that you pay for.

This translates into high quality, quick and efficient submissions, resolutions and drafts of agreements. I do not slap my signature on files that non-experienced and non-qualified individuals prepare only to send out with negligent review disguised in a brand name. I do not take risks with your file and I always work on it thoroughly, meticulously and diligently.

You are paying for Rana’s quality of work and credentials, and this is what I guarantee to you.

The way I see it is:

My clients are my family. You are treated with this type of respect and honor. I do not believe that you deserve nor should you tolerate anything less.

I treat you the way I hope to be treated by a lawyer, if I were in your shoes.

Although it is common for firms to delegate your legal files to caseworkers, law clerks, legal assistants and paralegals, I believe in at least hiring those with relevant experience and excellent work ethic and attention to detail, when needed. Even when delegating, I do not delegate persuasive writing, arguing nor high-stakes documents to any non-lawyer. When leveraging someone else’s work, rest assured that my threshold for filtering excellence, diligence and respectful treatment is very high.

Moreover and most importantly, a lawyer’s responsibility entails reviewing every detail on every page to ensure that it meets the highest standards imposed by the Law Society. That is what I offer, my strict diligence. A minor error in your file or documents may delay your file, cause it to be refused… or more. 

With me, you get and pay for the care that you deserve and should expect.