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What I do differently

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From our experience with other firms and other lawyers, we have learned from situations in which other firms have negligently delegated large and crucial legal files to law clerks and paralegals (staff who have not attended law school) to draft detailed legal paperwork only to send them back to lawyers for signatures without revision. Law firms who are mainly concerned with volume will more readily trust non-legally trained staff with your legal paperwork! There are many cases demonstrating that lawyers who simply sign without carefully reviewing delegated legal documents ultimately lose your case and face ethical hearings with the Law Society where they are penalized for negligent conduct. 


We are dedicated to setting high standards for our legal services and we learn from other firms’ mistakes.


We do not delegate any of your legal work to law clerks or paralegals, which is common in most firms. The stakes are high and you deserve our full attention. We carefully analyze every word in your file, every punctuation and ensure that your rights are fully reflected in writing with every detail. We strive to provide excellent legal services to every one of our clients.


We carefully critically think of and craft strategies to prevent you from facing potential legal issues years ahead. We are committed to helping you succeed in your cases.