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Lawyer Toronto

Rana Charif

Rana Charif is the principal lawyer of our multi-service law firm based in Toronto, Ontario. She is a member of the Ontario bar, and is a licensed Notary Public in Ontario.

The firm is trilingual and serves its clients in English, French and Arabic.

Rana is certified and accredited in Alternative Dispute Resolutions, which contributes to her unique successful approach to negotiation.


Prior to founding her law firm, Rana has practiced in business and commercial law, immigration law, employment law, and family law. She has worked at multinational and multi-billion dollar companies in Toronto, Ontario, in corporate law, commercial law, employment law and commercial real estate. She is specialized in multi-million dollar corporate and asset acquisitions across Canada.


She has experience with a variety of commercial contracts including sales agreements, manufacturing, retail, advertisement and marketing, commercial loans and more.

Rana has experience with mass employment termination cases across Canada, she has reviewed and drafted notice and severance packages during our pandemic.

She also has experience in Canadian business immigration law.

She has drafted numerous high quality applications for start-up visas and other complex business immigration applications for multi-million dollar tech and medical startup companies around the world.


Rana practices business law, employment law, family law and immigration law and is committed to protecting and winning for her clients.

She is a creative and driven problem-solver.


She has dual degrees, in both common law and civil law, from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, and the University of Montpellier, France/University of Ottawa, Ontario. She was a Top 2% law graduate out of 500 students and has a straight A record, sometimes earning the highest grade in her class.

She is also accredited in managerial economics, business analytics and finance by Harvard Business School.

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