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Lawyer Toronto

Rana Charif

Rana Charif is a lawyer based in Toronto, Ontario who is licensed by the Law Society of Ontario, and is licensed as a Notary Public by the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services of Ontario.


She is also certified and accredited in Alternative Dispute Resolutions.


Rana has worked at a multinational and multi-billion dollar private medical company in Toronto, Ontario, where she has gained experience in corporate and commercial law while working on multi-million dollar corporate and asset acquisitions across Canada -including Quebec-, with the Vice President and President of the company.


Rana has drafted countless commercial contracts in sales, manufacturing, retail, advertisement and marketing, employment law and more. She has furthermore drafted numerous agreements for commercial loans as well as secured transactions, and conducted financial and commercial audits.

She has also worked on mass employment termination cases across Canada where she has reviewed and drafted notice and severance packages during the pandemic.

Moreover, she has experience in commercial real estate leasing. She reviewed and drafted many relevant agreements and leases applicable throughout Canada.


Beyond her commercial and business law background, she has experience in business immigration law in both Canada and the United States of America. She has not only worked on immigration files for years, but has also more recently focused on business immigration.

Through her various business immigration experiences in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, California, U.S.A. and Toronto, ON, she has drafted numerous high quality applications for start-up visas and other complex business immigration applications for multi-million dollar tech and medical startup companies around the world.


Rana has a passion for and is driven by excellence. She strives to do the best work possible for clients, and subsequently follows a high standard of ethics.

She thinks outside of the box and uses creativity to get the results that you want and need.


With full awareness of her passion and ambition at an early stage, she began her legal path early on.

She has earned her Bachelor of Laws with High Honors from the University of Montpellier in 2016, France, at a Faculty of Law with a national Top 4 rank. She was a Top 2% law student in her first year, out of 500 students.

During her last year, she studied Canadian civil and common Law at the University of Ottawa, Ontario. In 2015, She has also successfully taken summer courses at Harvard Business School in managerial economics, business analytics and finance.

After seeing great potential in and having immense curiosity for the common law system, she later earned her Master of Laws in Canadian Common Law at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, where she was a Top graduate with a straight A record. Rana has several times earned the highest grades in her legal courses, which demonstrates her drive to go the extra mile and address all possible solutions and issues.


As demonstrated by her success record, she is a meticulous professional, a creative problem solver who leaves no stone unturned and, a lawyer who is motivated to practice Law with excellence. Because you deserve it.


Rana is Lebanese-Canadian. She therefore speaks Arabic, French and English fluently as her native languages. She is currently learning to speak Mandarin, and has limited capacity in Spanish.


In her free time (which is rare), she enjoys outdoor sports, entrepreneurial pursuits, the arts and mindfulness activities.

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