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Labour Market Impact Assessment I LMIA Immigration Lawyer Toronto

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Labour Market Impact Assessment I LMIA Immigration Lawyer Toronto

Most foreign workers coming to Canada require a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (“LMIA“), which is an approval given by a government body called the Employment and Social Development Canada. It is sometimes called a confirmation letter. The LMIA allows you to apply for a work permit at a Canadian consulate abroad. An LMIA is therefore a powerful letter which is only issued after the Canadian employer has advertised the job in Canada and shown that there are no Canadians able to fill the job shortage or the Canadians who applied do not have their required skills. It is important to hire a qualified and meticulous LMIA lawyer, such as Rana who is a Toronto business immigration lawyer, to increase your chances of success. In this two step process, the employer first obtains approval for the foreign national and then mails the client the LMIA so that they can apply for a Canadian work permit. Such work permits are issued for one year and are renewable provided the job shortage still exists. An LMIA thus confirms that there is a need for a temporary foreign worker, and that there are no Canadians or permanent residents available to do the job.


Lawyer Fees for the LMIA: $7,000.00 CAD.


Legal advice to avoid LMIA processing delays:

  1. Completeness and Accuracy. It is crucial to ensure that your LMIA application form is complete and correct. The application form is very detailed. There will be strict verifications that the employer has a legitimate business, that there is a job available, and that the worker is qualified enough. All requirements must be submitted upon submission. Otherwise, clients risk refusals and delays. With a licensed Canadian immigration lawyer in Toronto, like Rana, this criterion will always be satisfied.
  2. Accurate Evidence for Recruitment Efforts. The advertisement platforms must satisfy the necessary requirements. Some platforms are inacceptable.
  3. Ineligible employers. If an employer has a history of non-compliance, they are in trouble. Applications may also be refused by reason of public policy. If there is a high unemployment rate in a region and an employer applies for a low-wage job LMIA, the application is unlikely to be considered.The LMIA process is simple and easy when you hire a good and excellent lawyer to assist you such as Rana Charif. The assessment process is highly complicated and the vetting process is quite strict. The sharp skills of your Toronto immigration lawyer will help you overcome these challenges.


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Immigration is a complex process that requires a solid legal strategy, attention to detail, efficiency, and someone who cares about you, like Rana.

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November 11, 2015



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