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You can claim civil damages for torts, harm and loss between spouses in Ontario family law.

Introduction: Requesting Compensation for Spousal HarmMore often than not, divorcing spouses tend to inflict harm on each other in one way or another. When a spouse especially chooses to divorce due to cruelty, as a family lawyer, I often receive questions from clients such as "can I be compensated for all the economic, physical or emotional harm that I suffered?". Although it seems that divorce lawyers and family lawyers give contradictory answers in Ontario, my legal research points to the brief answer of: yes, it is possible. Intersecting practice areas is nothing new to family law. Domestic violence for example...

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Family Law Contracts (Domestic Contracts) Explained In a Nutshell

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In Family Law, the courts recognize and consider valid only a few domestic contracts if formed in a specific way as governed by the Law, which in our case, for Ontario, would be the Family Law Act, RSO 1990, c F3. The Family Law Act (the "FLA") governs everything from marriage contracts, to separations, decision-making responsibilities, parenting time or access, child support, spousal support, all division of property all the way to family arbitrations. Domestic contracts are the main way to protect a couple's assets upon separation.Family Law contracts, also called Domestic Contracts as governed by Part 4...

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Can Ontario Courts force the sale of a matrimonial home without a spouse’s consent?

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When spouses separate, a major source of conflict is the matrimonial home. Separated spouses commonly disagree on what to do with the matrimonial home upon separation. Most of the time, one spouse wishes to continue residing in it whereas the other prefers to sell it.What determines the result in cases like these varies depending on who owns the home, the reason behind the conflict that caused the separation, the reason behind the refusal of the sale, financial means...

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