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Construction Law In Ontario – Construction lawyer

Given that the construction industry is leading the Canadian economy, special considerations must be made with respect to construction contracts. Construction contracts govern the legal obligations and rights between contractors. There are standard forms of contracts that can be found with the Canadian Construction Documents Committee (the "CCDC"). The CCDC provides contract forms for a variety of construction projects.The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (the "RAIC") also provides some forms, which we have discussed in an earlier published article in our blog. The Canadian Construction Association (the "CCA") also provides a variety of standard forms. The three levels...

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What happens when an employment contract gives less than ESA minimums and violates the Law?

Employment Lawyer Toronto Rana Charif

When an employment is terminated, employees should be given a notice period that should follow guidelines in the Employment Standards Act of Ontario, or payment in lieu of notice that would be the equivalent of what would be paid under the notice period. Notice periods vary and they may be found in Part 15 of the Act.Under section 60 of that Act, the employer is mandated to continue paying the employee their normal wage rate as well as making any other benefit contributions until the end of the notice period. In other words, the terms or conditions of the...

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Does a valid Contract have to be in writing?

The simple answer is: no.A contract is an agreement. It is legally defined as a "meeting of the minds". If you can prove that there is a meeting of the minds, you have proof of a contract.A meeting of the minds is when two parties agree to the same basic elements. Those elements are:Making an offer and accepting that same offer. The offer must be specific enough so as to discern what exactly is being offered, when, and for what value in exchange (point number 2 below) ; An exchange of value that is agreed upon (e.g. services, money, goods...

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