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Small Business Lawyer Toronto

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Small Business Lawyer Toronto

The more your small business thrives, the more you need to legally protect it. The more money your business makes, the more legal claims against your Ontario small business cause damage.

You need the expertise of a small business lawyer to protect your assets while you focus on the growth of your business in Ontario. Let a business lawyer handle the legal work, and you focus on running and growing your business.

As an international e-commerce entrepreneur and Toronto small business lawyer with legal experience handling the legal work of innovative multi-million dollar small businesses in Ontario, across Canada and in Silicon Valley, USA, the focus of my work is getting straight to the point and ensuring that you’re legally covered with legal expertise and efficiency. Learn more about Your Toronto Business Lawyer, Rana Charif.


As a small business lawyer in Toronto, I look at the uniqueness of each small business in Ontario, and adapt my legal work to fit your unique business needs. Not all businesses are made the same, and that’s what makes them special.

The essence of being an excellent small business lawyer in Toronto is the adaptability to the unique business and customer needs of each type of small business based on our thorough legal research.


Our law firm has a 5-star rating from our clients. Here is what clients are saying about us:

“Rana is an excellent lawyer with passion to help people. She takes all the time to understand all aspects of an issue and connect with people on a personal level. Had a great time working with her and highly recommend her and her firm.”


Whether you are in Toronto, Brampton, Scarborough, Mississauga, or anywhere else in Ontario, we have you covered and can legally represent you remotely. It has never been this easy! Save on legal fees and focus on growing your assets.

Experienced business lawyers like Rana establish the legal structures to minimize risk on the short and long term.

As Toronto business lawyers with a standard of excellence and attention to detail, we assist with:


  • The Sale and Purchase of Businesses
  • Licensing Intellectual Property
  • Starting and Buying a franchise
  • Incorporations at all levels
  • Raising capital
  • All Business-related contracts tailored to your custom needs (including client contracts, employee contracts, shareholder and partnership agreements)
  • Trademark and Copyright Registrations
  • Mediation of commercial disputes


If you need other business law services, feel free to email law@ranacharif.ca for any inquiries or call +1 438 350 4236. We respond very quickly which makes our clients very happy!


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Let’s have a complimentary 15-minute phone call to learn more about your legal needs and determine whether we can help you succeed. This option does not provide legal advice, it is simply a discovery call.

Book a consultation now with a Small Business Lawyer in Toronto, Ontario, to see how we can help your small business make more money and be legally protected!

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June 26, 2021



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