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Parenting Time (Access) I FAMILY LAW FIRM TORONTO

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Parenting time (access) and decision-making responsibility (custody) are usually resolved based on the best interests of the children. Although both parents should be legally equally be able to see their children as much as possible, the courts will look at the most convenient and feasible arrangement that benefits the child. The courts are less likely to split parenting time in half, but rather more likely to focus on the quality of the child's life and what is feasible depending on the child's schedule and convenience.Some important factors in Ontario that the courts consider, according to the Divorce Act and the...

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Division of Assets and Property I Divorce Lawyers Toronto

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Ontario Divorce Lawyers Help You Divide Your Assets Divorce Lawyers will help you determine what assets you are legally entitled to and your chances of success when seeking an order for an unusual division of assets. As divorce lawyers, we are familiar with laws and their exceptions. We find ways to set aside separation or marriage contracts, as well as implement your right to a certain amount of property. At Rana Charif Law Firm, we are also modern certified negotiators. We negotiate settlements to close your case successfully and efficiently. Canadian Laws Governing Family Property And Ontario Division Family Property is governed by...

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